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Pettifoggery and Ponderings: Is There a God?


You could tell them the old story about the family of tiny mice living inside the grand piano. Their world was filled with gorgeous music that echoed from the dark walls. They had been told that a great Someone—nearby but invisible—provided the music.

One day, a particularly bold mouse brought back news. He had climbed into the “attic” and seen how the music was made. It was nothing but tightly stretched wires! The idea about a Someone, he declared, was a myth. The “music” could be explained by mere science. Through the years, further advances in mouse research brought revelations that there were wooden hammers hitting the wires. The mice decided they were living in a purely mechanical universe. How could they ever have believed in something as silly as an invisible Music Maker?

Meanwhile, the music played on.

Human explanations of God change with the weather, but our God is unchanging. “He never changes or casts a shifting shadow” (James 1:7). His constant presence is like beautiful music. However, we can dissect the tonal structure, or we can become caught up in the melody and be moved to worship. —DiscoverGod.com

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Celebrating our 1 yr & 9 months together ahead of time. This next week is going to be hecktic; no day off… Last week worked 50 hrs x_x

Anyway, sushi was delicious! Service was great, the place is very neet… I recomend this place to people in Orlando area. The place is called Izziban on OBT, close to Florida Mall.

In photo you can see the OBT Roll on your left and Happy Roll on your right… Between you and me, get the Happy Roll ;-)

Wish I could see it!!


Giant Bunny!

Stor Gul Kanin
Örebro (SE) 2011
13 x 16 x 16 meters
Concrete, metal, wood and takspån.

The Big Yellow Rabbit is a temporary 13 meter high sculpture. It’s a enlarged cuddle toy made out of swedish products thrown against the statue of Engelbrekt.

The work can be seen this summer during the OpenArt biennale

My garden!!! I planted mums red & yellow & threw some small flowers to grow and cover the ground… I think its name was garden snow, something like that. I really hope they grow ‘cause I don’t like my garden looking all brown without grass.

Primera foto tomada el 8 de septiembre de 2011. Segunda foto tomada hoy 11 de septiembre de 2011. En cuestión de dos días, mis matitas se muestran fuertes y demuestran su rápido crecimiento.

I am happy*